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Collaborative quiz app

A quiz mobile app aiming to make participants discover Algiers in a fun way which is " treasure hunt". Users create and join teams and try to find the treasure hidden in Algiers through a process of scanning QR codes of hints and answering questions that are spread everywhere in the city. The option of team chats is also available.


An online event management solution. The users log in, search for occurring events, and once connected to a specific event they get all the informations concerning that event such as the description, schedule, and attendees. The participants can message each other and stay in touch. the app has also the option of feedbacking the journey.

Drug Barcode Scanner

An Online Medical Service. Users scan a medicine’s QR code, add it to their medicines basket, Patients then get the information and the practical guide of that medicine. The app sets a default reminder for the time to take it.

Ticketing System

A Ticketing system where Customers can make a reservation and book a sit for any event.


An online Maghrebian radio that delivers music from all over the Mediterranean area highlighting its talents. Broadcasting in Arabic, French, and Spanish we share with you the best melodies of the orient, Mediterranean, Touareg, and mainly the Maghreb zone of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.


An Online Delivery Service that allows the driver to fulfill a shipment of goods while having a pick-up and a drop off location. The app provides the transporter with a real-time dashboard that tracks orders, schedules them and optimizes the ongoing operations.

Recruiting event App

A recruiting event App. The App connects the recruiters from companies and the networkers who attend the event. While online, users find offers and news , they can contact each other for available opportunities. It also allows the engagement of the audience during the Panels by voting and answering questions.


A virtual platform that presents the Algerian Crafts Ecosystem. It is an online mapping of Craftsmakers in a region based on their expertise. The app is part of San3a, a project held by Human Development Network (HDN) supported by the Canadian embassy, that aims to value Crafts.

Our Main Services

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UI/UX Design
We'll guide you to shape your project idea by helping you in the user experience and designing the user interface.
Data collection & analysis
Scripts to collect and process data from any source and store it in elastic search or any database . we make machine learning algorithms for the best exploit of the collected data.
Technical Audit
Review for software architectures and codebases that are written mainly in Python or JavaScript.
IT Recruitment
A rich pool of candidates, we recommend you the fittest to you company. We do interviews and skill tests.

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